8 Hime Haircut Hairstyles You Will Love

Whether you are into anime or not, you must have noticed the hairstyles that most Japanese female anime characters have. The haircut has the classic “bangs” and is one of the easiest ways to add some chicness to your overall look. The Hime cut usually has fringes that frame the face and long straight hair at the back. The bangs are kept till the eyebrows, while the side locks are extended till the cheekbones. Nowadays, the Hime cut has become much more versatile, and women are experimenting with this hairstyle according to their own face shape and hair type. Read on to find out 8 Hime haircut hairstyles you will love!

1. Classic Hime Cut

Of course, we have to start with the classic Hime cut, which is still quite popular among women. In the classic version of the Hime cut, the fringes are kept till the eyebrows. The sidelocks are taken till the cheekbones or the chin. However, the rest of the hair is grown out to be much longer. Sometimes, even till the waist. This haircut is usually done on those with very straight hair. This cut is also good for framing the face and for those with a wider forehead. The classic Hime cut suits almost every face type.


Classic Hime Haircut


2. Long Wavy Hime Cut

If you have wavy hair, worry not. You can get yourself the Hime haircut too. The long and wavy Hime is ideal for those with wavy to slightly curly hair. The fringe is kept till the eyebrows, just like the classic Hime. Due to the hair being wavy, the fringe appears to be naturally messy, which will give an edge to your look. Usually, in long wavy Hime, the rest of the hair is cut in a layered style. This adds movement and volume to the hair. The sidelocks are also cut in a similar way and help in framing the face more naturally.


Long Wavy Hime Haircut


3. Long Straight Hime Cut

If you have completely straight hair and want to add volume to it, the long straight Hime cut is quite an alluring way of achieving that. The fringe at the front section of your hair will be kept just till your eyebrows or a little above it. The real trick lies with cutting the sidelocks. For this style of the Hime cut, the sidelocks are kept just till the chin or a little above. The rest of the hair is kept as it is. This creates nice and natural graduation from the shorter portion of the hair to the longer one. Also, keeping the thickness in the fringe and side locks the same will make your hair more voluminous.


long straight hime haircut


4. Baby Doll Hime Cut

For those with an oval or round face, the baby doll Hime cut is perfect for elevating all the right features your face has. Also, if you are looking to shorten your hair, this hairstyle will certainly be a good option to explore. The bang or fringe is kept just above the eyes, almost covering the eyebrows. For the sidelocks, it has to be cut right till the cheekbones. Make sure that the hair does not cross your cheekbones. The rest of your hair can be cut according to your preferred length. A lot of Manga characters have this hairstyle, and you will look like you belong to a Manga as well!


baby doll hime haircut


5. Bob Hime Cut

Another new take on the Hime cut has been combining the Hime with a classic bob. Even though traditionally the Hime cut has been for those with very long hair, times are changing, and so is this famous hairstyle. For the bob Hime cut, the iconic fringe or bang is not present. However, the sidelocks are cut in such a layered way that the whole hair looks very effortless and easily graduates into each other. These sidelocks mainly frame the face and create an equal proportion, which is visually appealing.


bob hime haircut


6. Lob Hime Cut

A Lob or a longer bob also pairs well with a Hime cut. This is the most commonly requested form of the Hime at salons and parlours. This hairstyle does not come with a frontal fringe or bang. The sidelocks are cut in a layered fashion and kept till the chin level. The best way to maintain these pairs of sidelocks is by using a straightener to make them face inwards towards your face while the rest of your hair is facing outwards. For the lob cut, the hair is usually kept till the shoulder or a little below that.


lob hime haircut


7. Double Sidelocks Hime Cut

The double sidelocks Hime cut is exactly like what the name suggests. Here, your hair will have two side locks on each side at two different lengths. To start off, this cut has the classic fringe at the front. The fringe can be of a length of your choice. For the sidelocks, one portion is taken and cut till your chin-length for both the sides. Then again, another portion is taken and cut slightly below the previous one. Make sure that the gap between the two sidelocks is not too prominent. This creates a very natural look and also adds movement to the hair.


double sidelocks hime haircut


8. Thin Bang Hime Cut

As you already saw, most Hime cuts are characterized by a thick and prominent fringe or bang at the front. However, if you are looking for a variation of Hime with thinner bangs, that is possible too. The fringes at the front for this hairstyle are kept very light and spaced apart. The length can be till the eyebrows or just above. With this style, you can always part your bang to two different sides to create another new look. The sidelocks are kept till the chin or just above it. Overall, this haircut gives a very effortless and chic look at the same time.


thin bangs hime haircut



These 8 Hime haircut hairstyles are timeless and a fun way of standing out in the crowd. If you are looking to experiment with your hair, try any one of these, and you will fall in love with yourself!

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