How to Get Rid of White Sunspots- 8 Tips?

Wondering how to get rid of white sunspots? Find it here!

Sunspots include areas of discolouration on your skin that get exposed to the sun. The major areas are hands, feet, face and neck- these get affected, and there are no symptoms except the visual dissatisfaction. The area affected by it turns white as the skin cells get affected. So, they are also known as white sunspots. They are common and harmless structures that can get reduced by a variety of natural skin treatments and few professional treatments.

Small spots can be done away with quickly by using natural processes. However, if the spot is dark, large in size, painful and irregular in shape, then you should definitely visit the doctor before applying any of the remedies mentioned below.

Here are eight tips to reduce white sunspots naturally:

1. Vitamin C and E

These two invariably promote skin health. Vitamin C, being an antioxidant, protects your skin from the harmful Ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun. It also helps to produce collagen (a kind of protein) in your body. This helps in skin lightening. Vitamin E also helps in skin reformation in various ways. You can either take a vitamin E rich diet or vitamin E capsules to get rid of sunspots on your skin. You can also apply vitamin E oil to the areas affected by sunspots to reduce them naturally.


how to get rid of white sunspots


2. Aloe vera/Green tea

It is proven that aloesin and aloin, which are part of aloe vera plants, can effectively reduce spots on your skin. You can either drink aloe vera juice or directly apply the aloe vera gel to the affected area for the best results. Also, green tea has the highest level of antioxidants among all types of tea. Applying green tea bags to the affected area can help reduce spots. It is known to remove pigmentation of any kind from the skin. Use both for the best results.


how to get rid of white sunspots


3. Lemon juice and Honey

Lemon juice is widely known to remove sunspots naturally. Applying lemon juice directly to the affected area can help in lightening the spots within a few days. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that lemon juice is acidic in nature. It can cause irritation to the skin. In this case, you can mix it with honey and apply the mixture to the affected area.

Honey is also full of antioxidants and can help in skin lightening. It also promotes the growth of new skin cells. Gently apply any of these on the skin to remove sunspots and get your glowing skin back. Its stickiness allows it to remain attached to the area for a longer period of time.


how to get rid of white sunspots


4. Buttermilk or Milk

The presence of a high amount of lactic acid in buttermilk or in normal milk helps remove sunspots. Apply it to your skin and allow it to rest for a few minutes before cleaning the area. Use sour milk for best results. They are known to remove pigmentation naturally within a few days.


how to get rid of white sunspots


5. Chemical peels

Certain professional treatment can also help in removing sunspots. One of them is chemical peeling. It involves the creation of a wound on the skin by using acid. This is eventually peeled off, which helps in the creation of new skin cells. It is more like extending the area of the spot and allowing it to naturally come off. This process can be a little painful, and you can feel a burning sensation because of the application of acid. You can treat it with ice or cold compresses.


how to get rid of white sunspots


6. Laser Resurfacing

This is also professional treatment. In this process, a device sends out light beams towards the affected skin area. This, in turn, removes the damaged skin in layers. Laser resurfacing takes time depending on the nature of the wound. The healing process can be 10 to 20 days long.


how to get rid of white sunspots


7. Cryotherapy

This professional treatment removes sunspots by freezing them with a type of nitrogen solution. Professionals, nowadays, use nitrous oxide in place of nitrogen solution as it is less likely to cause any kind of inflammation. This process takes less time, and you can easily tolerate this procedure to remove white sunspots.


how to get rid of white sunspots


8. Microdermabrasion

It involves gently removing the outermost part of your skin using a device and then removing the dead skin cells beneath it with the help of a suction tube. You will feel no pain in this process which typically takes up to an hour to finish. It is a very effective method to remove sunspots from the skin. It is not even time-consuming, which makes it quite popular among the various methods used for removing sunspots from the skin.


how to get rid of white sunspots


Thus, we can see that there are a variety of ways by which sunspots can be effectively removed from the skin. The natural processes seem to be risk-free and easy to go. However, if your skin is badly affected by sunspots, you should definitely try one of the professional treatments available. There are various other treatments like using the intense pulse light system to remove dead skin cells. You obviously need the prior consent of the dermatologist before beginning any of these processes. 

You need to know the basics of your skin type before you experiment with it, or else any of the processes can have a deteriorating effect on the affected part. White sunspots are not always harmful. They are not even dangerous, with almost no cases of them leading to the future formation of cancerous cells. They can be easily done away with. 

Final Word

You just require a little amount of patience with the right kind of treatment to get rid of white sunspots in no time. Also, you need to avoid the sun to prevent resurfacing of sunspots. Avoid going out in the afternoons, apply sunscreen and natural makeup products before going out, use an umbrella or cover your skin with clothing to avoid the harsh UV rays of the sun. This will help your skin recover naturally after the treatment has been done.

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