Walkthon, launched by Neha Dhupia and Mira Rajput for pregnant women

Walkathon, a great concern for moms-to-be

Neha Dhupia and Mira Rajput have organized a walkathon- a one-kilometer walk for pregnant women. Neha and Mira have organized this program to inspire would-be moms. By walkathon, would-be moms will take #Biglittle Steps towards the blessed world of becoming a mother.

The Bio-Oil Pregathon also has been organized to encourage pregnant women and to make them discover about self-love and how they will stay fit throughout the pregnancy. This program is a huge step for pregnant women as from the moment a woman comes to know about her pregnancy, she becomes very overprotective for her child. Therefore, this program will put a deep influence on pregnant women.

Neha spoke to inspire pregnant women

Neha Dhupia said that she still can remember that during her fifth month before doing anything, she would ask herself, it would be good for her baby or not. In the entire process of pregnancy, she never asked herself what she needed or should do for herself. Neha Dhupia realized during the healing period that self-love is a very vital part of this journey and every mother should love herself. She said that all pregnant women need to be in good health and good condition so that they can take care of their children.

Neha also felt very happy, that Bio-Oil has taken this important step for mothers to be and the baby. The Bio-Oil Pregathon has been organized so that the mothers can love themselves, eat properly, exercise properly, and get proper rest.

Mira shared her journey as well

Mira Rajput also shared her pregnancy journey. Mira is the mother of two. She said that she realized she would forget to care for herself. But during the second pregnancy, she understood the importance of self-care. That time she liked to eat right, to exercise, and loved to do those things that would make her happy. Mira urged all the expectant mothers to join Walkathon and to take big little steps towards self-care.

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