Review: Love Wedding Repeat Movie- New Netflix Romantic Comedy, Starring Sam Claflin & Freida Pinto

Netflix has had enormous success with romantic comedy movies. The latest offering by Netflix seems to be a total misfire. Central conceit has taken around 45 minutes to show up in the Love Wedding Repeat. It is pretty much longer than it took for homogeneous high concept romantic comedies like “Yesterday” and “About Time” to establish their imaginative set-ups. It is quite notable that the title of the movie is a reference to the time-loop structure. No, it’s not a spoiler, the film has so much more to come up with.

A prepossessing young man, his toxic ex, her vacuous boyfriend, a girl who left away, a creepy former lover and big-wig movie maker amalgamate for an idyllic Italian countryside wedding. There is a flask of sleeping drops, and a loaded gun of Chekov is also introduced. Played by Sam Claflin, a charming young man in an absolute form of Hugh Grant gets instructed by his sister. In order to spike and elude her ex-lover drink with the sleeping drops because he is roaming around everywhere and telling everyone they hooked up recently. But, then comes a twist when vexatious children cause trouble with the seating arrangements and set champagne in the hands of someone else instead of evil ex.


The unfortunate events of the series do not take too long to take place. But, then comes a lady who pretty much sounds like Judi Dench speaks in the voiceover- The matters of love are nothing but an event of coincidences. The performance of Claflin’s central is undoubtedly incredible, which will leave you awestruck and amazed. Talking about the women of his dream, Olivia Munn, she does not have much to perform. She has been proffered with a very little to do aside from being glamorous. Apart from the film, keep on reminding us, on various occasions, that she is a reporter of war.

Talking about another character to deliver outstanding performance is none other than Freida Pinto. Freida Pinto, acting the role of a frustrated ex-girlfriend of Jack has performed very well in the film. The good thing is Freida Pinto has retained her old Indian accent for playing the role. Her Indian accent in the film does not like much, moreover it sounds alien. It seems like acting in a number of Hollywood has immensely affected here accent.

With that being said, there is no denying that there is a great set of events in the film. But, the director of Dean Craig can never chip away at the surfeit of the storyline and heads over to the heart of the matter. In comparison to movies like About time, the film is exceedingly predictable. The high-concept titillations of the film like ‘About time’ were mellowed by the genuine moving story with loads of twists. The film “Love Wedding Repeat” seems way too gimmick to enjoy truly. But, it seems like the movie is going to make a significant impact on the audience.

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