7 Types of French Manicure for A Chic Look

It is time to admit that the ceaseless hype surrounding French Manicure is never going to end. Undoubtedly, the French Manicure is a timeless classic that fits with a wide range of occasions. It gives off the air of sophistication and elegance that enhances your appeal even more. In fact, there are several types of french manicures.

There is an enormous debate regarding if the French Manicure does have roots in France. Amidst all the gossip and rumours, it was Jeff Pink who invented the trendy “French manicure.”

While the fascination with this particular style is unlikely to die out soon, it doesn’t mean that you cannot experiment. The minimalist white shade design is indeed pure class; it can’t hurt to explore some bolder options.

Different types of French Manicures

There are various ways that you can experiment with the French Manicure. Check out some of the ideas to get the cool chic look.

1. Reverse French Tip

Who says you can’t reverse the classic French Manicure style? In this particular variant, modify the timeless original design. For this, you must create a half-moon design just a little beneath the base of the nails. Make sure that you touch both edges. If you are not a pro at this, use tape to make the perfect half-moon cut.

Now, you can play with shades. You can keep it the original way by applying a white hue to the moon and nude to the rest of the nail. However, you can also go for the retro white and black look. How about cross-matching the shades with your outfit? Well, try it and keep setting new trends!


types of french manicures


2. Geometrical French Tip

Now, you can transfer your love for geometry to the nails. Are you wondering how? Well, you can give a new twist to the famed French Manicure. There are different geometrical designs that you can choose from, including double straight lines to intricate triangles.

Are you interested in the two-line pattern? For this, you will need three different shades. After you apply the standard French Manicure, make another layer just above the base cut. Make sure that you make thin strips. If you do not have enough practice, you can always use scotch tape. For this, you can mix different hues and caret new trendy patterns.


types of french manicures


Another way to highlight the geometrical pattern on your French tips is to target one finger. First of all, apply the nude base coat and instead of white, add black to the tips. Make sure that it is sleek and even. Then, use a nail tool to make inverted triangles onto the nail of your preference. Now, you can intricate the design as much as you want and colour blocks it to highlight the new style.

3. Metallic French Tip

If a metallic dress can sizzle up your looks for a party, then the metallic French Manicure will add to the appeal. The best part is that the reflection of light on the metallic shade creates a shimmery look. For this, you need to choose metallic colour hues. The most popular ones include silver, gold, bronze, rust, etc. If you have never adopted this style before, start with the basics!

For this, go with the standard nude base coat. Now, when it comes to the tip, instead of the white hue, use the metallic shade you want. It is an incredible way to drive innovation into the classic French Manicure style.


types of french manicures


Another style that you can try is a matte silver shade as the base coat. Now, for the tips, you can choose your desired metallic hue. Moreover, you can also play with the peaks. Cut an intersection in the middle of the tip. Keep one-half white and fill the other with a metallic blue or silver.

4. Floral French Tip

There is something about the floral pattern that enhances appearance even more. For this spring, you can choose the floral French tip as your go-to style. There are numerous floral designs that you can opt for according to your choice. Make sure that you select the shades that go well with almost all outfits.
For instance, you can select a transparent white or a light pink shade for the base colour. Then, for the tip part, you can play with red, pink, and green hues. Design cute little floral patterns onto the tip. However, you can also innovate with this particular style.


types of french manicures


Another great way to exhibit the floral pattern is to continue the floral design from the tip to one side of the nail till it reaches the edge. Moreover, you can also enhance the elegance by putting a rhinestone at the centre.

You can also opt for the classic French Manicure and then apply the floral design to the entire nail. Another style that you can play with is practising the floral pattern to only one fingernail. It will highlight the design and give off a quirky chic vibe.

5. Sparkling French Tip

Up next in the list of types of french manicures is something sparkly and glamourous.

Want to go the glam route? Nothing speaks more class than sparking French tips. For exclusive parties and events, external appearance matter a great deal. When you pull off the luscious red gown, the glittery French Manicure style will utterly add to the charm.

Here, for the base coat, you can use light pink, nude, or beige shade. Now, you can innovate the tips by using glittery shades instead of the standard white. Choose something classy like fiery gold or regal red. You can also contrast with sparkling black or shimmering silver. Contrast the nail tip with the colour of the dress.


types of french manicures


But, do you want to add more twists? Well, you can try the reverse variant. For this, apply the classic French Manicure on your nails with the base coat and white tips. However, you can change the base coat to a pigmented rose hue. After that, add a mixture of pink and gold glitter for a bolder look!

Another style that you can choose is shaping your fingernails pointedly. After that, apply the minimalist French manicure style. Now, when it comes to the glitter, use a diagonal pattern starting from one edge and ending at the opposite end.

6. Intricate French Tip

The best way to complement dressier apparel is to tone down the gaudiness of the French Manicure. Contrasting the intensity level will work wonders for your appearance. For a well-designed and outrageous outfit, you can opt for a timeless French tip design.

For this, go the standard nude base coat and white tip route and then add a little flair to one of the nails. You can choose intricate baroque swirls. If you are not a pro at designing such elaborate nail arts, you must take professional help!

Now for the colours, you can stick to intense white or play with different shades. Keep in mind the colour of the outfit before deciding on the colour of the design.


types of french manicures


7. Stiletto French Tip

Are you in love with the new stiletto nails? Last in the list of different types of french manicures is Stiletto French Tip. These nails are shaped pointedly in the centre, making an illusion of a stiletto. To ace this particular style, you need to first decide the length of the nail. Too long, and there is a risk that it looks eerie.


types of french manicures


After deciding on the length and shaping it, you need to select the shades. If you want to deviate from the traditional path, use intense black for the tip instead of white. You can keep the nude or beige for the base coat. Now, when it comes to drawing the tip, make a painted triangle that aligns with the nail’s shape. It is advisable that first-timers should use scotch tape to create the perfect triangular pattern.

You can also play with other shades like green, red, light blue, etc., for the tip colour. Moreover, you can also experiment with glitters and rhinestones.


Tips to keep in mind while going ahead with French Manicure style

  • To attain the precise shape of the nail tip, it is advisable to use new nail lacquers.
  • Start from the shortest finger and then gradually move towards the thumb.
  • Preparation of the nails before applying the base coat is crucial. For that, remove the old nail polish thoroughly and then soak the nails in lukewarm water for some time.
  • Check your skin tone before you stele on quirky colours.
  • For starters, go with the tried-and-tested shades of nude, light pink, or beige for the base coat. You can experiment as you progress with different styles.
  • If you want some intricate design or do not feel too confident, it is always better to seek experts at the nail salon.




These are some of the types of French Manicure that you can try for getting the super-cool chic look. Moreover, there are many other options that you can explore. As long as you keep trying new colours, designs, and shapes, boring is not the term you will associate with the widely famed “French Manicure”. Keep in mind that if all types fail, just revert to the minimalist white-nude duo, and you can still give off the regal vibe!

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