How to Make Nails Stronger and Thicker at Home?

“How to make nails stronger and thicker?” The question bugs every other girl who wishes to have long nails. Although you might wonder, that isn’t a difficult job to maintain nails, without professional help! Well, since you are searching for this domain, so no, it isn’t! You can achieve those perfect salon nails at the comfort of your own home. You have to undertake a few measures for the same, and you will notice considerable changes significantly sooner. 

We will walk you through specific such hacks that will help you attain those healthy and strong nails!

How to make nails stronger and thicker?

1. Avoid keeping them in water for longer durations

As we are burdened by the daily chores weighing majorly upon us, it is imperative to keep in mind that chores can wait but not the health of your nails! As complicated, this might sound, it is not so. You can always take care of yourself, and it is not as strenuous as it sounds. All you need to do is avoid unnecessary contact with water.

Okay, so why are we saying so, you might wonder! Well, we are saying this, because according to dermatological finds, water tends to soften nails. This makes them prone to becoming brittle and also moisture-less. So, keep this important tip in mind at all times.


how to make nails stronger and thicker


2. File them correctly

It is vital to keep in mind that a proper filing session can either make or break the deal. You have to start filing them in one direction, each time lifting the file on the return stroke, and doing the same throughout. This way, the damage will be minimal to zero, and besides, it helps keep breakage at bay. 

While choosing the right file, you need to check out for a satisfactory grade file medium on grains, between 400 to 600 grits. Filing should be done gently and in a back-forth motion, as any aggressiveness will lead to breakage. 


how to make nails stronger and thicker


3. Do not smear chemicals

This might trigger you, but it is indispensable to consider this tip seriously! The amount of chemicals that we use on our nails is very dangerous for our nail health. The nail polishes, acrylics and nail polish removers are loaded with harsh chemicals that cause nail dryness, brittleness and thinning. 

It is ideal to avoid gel polishes, acrylic nail polish removers, acrylic nail glue, and acetone soaks. The chemical irritants wear down the keratin of the nail. If you can’t do without nail polish, try to opt for non-toxic variants that are mostly vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. 


how to make nails stronger and thicker


4. Take care of your cuticles

You might be told by your manicurist that it is best to cut down on the cuticles. Still, if you were to consult a dermatologist, they will say otherwise. Cuticles serve a fundamental purpose: to protest the nail’s outer sensitive layer. Cutting down the cuticles usually leads to infected ridges, white lines and other similar nail problems. 

Now, if your cuticles don’t look appealing to you, consider gently pushing them back and only snipping out the hangnails. And to keep them healthy, ensure that they are well-nourished and moisturized by a nourishing oil.


how to make nails stronger and thicker- cuticle care


5. Take a break from polish

It is a sort of guilty pleasure to indulge in constant touch-ups, which is why our nails undergo brittle-crisis in the first place. This is not unusual but is somewhat expected due to cosmetic reasons. At the same time, it is severely damaging to leave nail polish on your nails for a longer period of time. The overall health of nails becomes precarious, as you follow up the chemicals more.

To avoid such a mistake, make sure that you remove the nail polish after five days of its application. Next, leave them untouched for the same amount of time. A fresh layer of nail paint can follow this up. Now with that, you know that going nail paint for a longer time is just one of the major contributing factors in damaging your nails.


how to make nails stronger and thicker


6. A healthy diet is a must

Probably the most intrinsic method to keep your nail worries at bay. Foods like blueberries are full of antioxidants that help protect body cells from free radical damage, and leafy greens provide the necessary iron that provides nail strength. Besides, Magnesium-rich almonds are great to keep your nails smooth. The potential nail damage could pinpoint the deficiency in any of the aforementioned elements in your diet. 

Avoiding diet glitches is highly recommended. This way not only you can maintain an overall healthy body but also contributes to a sound psyche. Keep your diet inclusive of all the healthy ingredients, full of vitamins and minerals and proteins!


how to make nails stronger and thicker


7. Cut your nails regularly

The look of long nails might be very appealing, but if you were to see through studies in this field, it is not so! Longer nails are just overgrown nail debris and cuticles, which are equal to dead skin accumulation after a specific time! It is better to keep them all trimmed and in a length that is easy to maintain as compared to the long-nails which are always on the brink of breakage. 

Make sure that you include both snipping and filling in your regular routine. This not only keeps the nails clean but also makes them less prone to damage and breakage. The length should be somewhere between not-so-long and not-so-short because if they are too short it is hard to keep the cuticles safe. Keep in mind this tip and you will be fine!


Cut your nails regularly



There are cases where even good remedies don’t work, and we don’t mean that they won’t. They do mostly, and in case, you are finding some difficulty in the same, there is always professional help. Nails that are brittle might indicate some hidden deficiency that can only be cured by medical supplements.

The best way to come across, the proper treatment would be to first go for a prelim examination of your nail type, and that will give you clarity on the appropriate treatment. Meanwhile, we believe that you found this article somehow useful, make use of these tips and help your nails to be at their best.

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