Ways to Use Castor Oil for Stretch Mark

Stretch mark, a skin condition that can occur to anybody if their body goes through abrupt changes. Nowadays, these stubborn scars are common. Factors like pregnancy, sudden weight loss or weight gain, usage of corticosteroids, family history, puberty, or genetic disorder like Marfan syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome are some of the causes of stretch marks. 

You may think that it will take so much time to clear the stretch marks. Why don’t I apply for the available beauty products? Well, you definitely can but, many people confessed that sometimes they are effective, and sometimes they are not, on top of that, the harsh chemicals took a toll on their skin. The magical castor oil for stretch mark works wonders and doesn’t even have side effects.

Why should you prefer castor oil over anything else?

  • The usage of castor oil will reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • A fatty acid called ricinoleic is present in castor oil that helps in keeping your skin healthy.
  • Castor Oil is a good moisturizer for the skin.
  • The miracle oil helps in collagen production that keeps the marks away from your skin. 

The antioxidants in the oil help in the prevention of skin damage and keep your skin happy. Start your homemade treatment immediately with castor oil whenever you discover stretch marks in any part of your body.

Know-How to Use Castor Oil for Stretch Mark

1. Castor oil and Aloe Vera 

Mix one tablespoon of aloe vera gel or aloe vera extract with one tablespoon of castor oil and mix them very well for a smooth paste.

Then heat the paste for several seconds to warm it. After that, apply the warm mixture of paste into your stretch marks and leave it overnight. Keep on following the method till you get your desired results. This is easy to prepare, moreover, the great qualities of both aloe vera and castor oil will help you in getting optimum results. Vitamin E of aloe vera and ricinoleic fatty acid of castor oil decrease the stretch marks and the inflammation. 


castor oil for stretch mark


2. Clove and Castor oil 

Take six pieces of the cloves, grind them in a mixer grinder. Then take two tablespoons of castor oil, mix them with the clove paste. Put the mixture in a small bowl and heat it for several minutes. Stop heating when the paste starts changing colour. Put the bowl aside and let it cool down and settle. After that massage, the mixed paste on the stretch marks for fifteen minutes and keep it on your affected area for an extra thirty minutes. Clean it with lukewarm water after thirty minutes.

Clove is well-known for decreasing stretch marks. You will get the best results if you use the mixture daily. 


castor oil for stretch mark


3. Sugar and Castor oil

To prepare this, you need an equal amount of sugar and castor oil in a bowl. Take one tablespoon of sugar with one tablespoon of castor oil. Mix them well and use them as a scrubbing mixture on your skin in your stretch marks. Gently rub the scrubbing mixture on the scar marks for five minutes. Leave the paste on the skin for an additional fifteen minutes, after that, wash it away with lukewarm water. 

Use the mixture twice or thrice a week according to your convenience, as this scrubbing mixture helps in, gently exfoliating the dead cells with decreasing the stretch marks.


castor oil for stretch mark


4. Potato extract and Castor oil

Grate one potato into small liquid extracts. Then add two tablespoons of castor oil with the grated potato extracts.

Mix them very well into a smooth paste. Keep the paste in a refrigerator for two hours so that it cools down. Apply the cold mixture to your scars, leave it for half an hour. Lastly, clean it with lukewarm water. 

The mixture will improve the elasticity of the skin, deeply moisturizing and repairing it from inside. The stretch marks will gradually start to disappear for efficient moisturizing. 


castor oil for stretch mark


5. Oatmeal and Castor oil

Ingredients needed for the paste, two tablespoons of olive oil, uncooked oatmeal one teaspoon, and one tablespoon of castor oil. Blend all the ingredients into a coarse scrubbing mixture. Mildly scrub the combination in your affected part for at least five minutes. Keep in mind to keep the mix for extra fifteen minutes on your stretch marks and then gently clean it off with lukewarm water. 

Just like sugar and castor oil, this natural blend is a great scrubbing combination too. The inexpensive tactic will make you say goodbye to your stretch marks just like that without causing any harm to your skin. 


castor oil for stretch mark


6. Coconut oil with Castor oil

Coconut oil has many qualities. They reach the deepest layer of the skin, and heals the damaged skin layer from inside, thus decreasing the time it takes for healing.   

In a bowl, combine both of the oils in equivalent portions. Muddle up both oils in a plain smooth texture. Apply the smooth mixture on the skin where you observed the stretch marks start massaging the area with it. Continue till it feels warm on the skin. Keep the blend for half an hour and wash it off after the required time. 

Keep applying this thrice daily for desired results. 


castor oil for stretch mark


About Castor Oil

You can apply only castor oil to your marks too, without mixing it with anything else. A daily warm massage of castor oil fixes the purplish or reddish texture of the scars. 

Time of visible difference

A Stretch mark is a stubborn scar that takes a lot of time to heal, however, if you regularly use all the treatments mentioned above, then results will be visible within few weeks. Within two months, there will be a noticeable difference in your scars. The scars will get lighter, and the skin will start to get its normalcy back.

With a little bit of patience, you will observe the effectiveness. 


castor oil for stretch mark


Things you should consider while using castor oil

Castor oil will do its wonder, but you have to keep in mind that there are other things too, like:

  • Drink plenty of water regularly for building in the natural elasticity of the skin. So while applying castor oil, drinking water will increase the healing process and promote the overall goodness of the health. 
  • Start treating your scars immediately. If you ignore it, the scars will penetrate deeply into your skin layer, and it will not be easy to remove them, then the damage will be irreversible. 
  • A well-balanced diet always helps in preventing stretch marks. It fights against stretch marks and any kind of skin conditions that are harmful and not desired. A healthy diet is a pillar of beautiful skin. Eat plenty of fruits like apples, oranges. Vitamin C is what you need when you have stretch marks. 
  • Complete removal of stretch marks is not possible. Applying castor oil will reduce its visibility. For complete removal, you need surgery that is expensive and can be harmful.
  • For positive benefits, use castor oil daily. Follow a routine or make a skincare schedule, for the best effect. 
While buying castor oil, choose it wisely because there are two kinds of castor oil 
  1. Black castor oil
  2. Natural castor oil

Black Castor oil is the purest form of castor oil. They are obtained without much processing, which is one of the reasons for the black colour. The black castor oil consists of a higher level of impurities and ash contents which is not desirable while treating your skin condition. The black castor beans are roasted; so much that it leaves ash contents in them. That is why natural castor oil is much desirable for treating stretch marks. 

Natural Castor oil has higher purity than black castor oil. The light yellowish colour of the oil makes it prominent. This kind of oil is made from compressing the castor bean. The iodine that gets released serves in lightening the colour of the oil. It is purer when the colour; is on a lighter grade. 


Unlike any other oil, castor oil does not clog your pores because of its microbial properties. Though for some people, there could be an allergic reaction, or sensitivity, before using the oil in a wide area of your stretch marks, apply it on a little bit of your skin for testing, and leave it for two, three days. If you notice no allergic reactions then you can use the oil for the treatment without any hesitation. 

The oil is also considered safe for most people. Apply castor oil day and night in a liberal amount and give it some time to act. As the oil is rich in monosaturated fat, it is healthy and best. It also offers extra conditioning to the skin.

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