Cilantro For Weight Loss: Benefits & 7 Recipes

Cilantro, which is commonly known as Coriander in India. It is a popular herb known for its excellent benefits to keep your body healthy. Usually, in other countries like Mexico or other Asian countries, Cilantro is used in foods for its unique fragrance and incredible flavour. 

But have you ever heard, apart from its aroma and fantastic taste, it comes with many health benefits; it is a perfect herb that contains many nutrients, which contributes to a healthy lifestyle and body. Above all this, it is an ideal ingredient for weight loss, which is the biggest concern worldwide. 

Before we move to the benefits and recipes of Cilantro for weight loss, let us first understand the history of Cilantro. 


cilantro for weight loss


It is a herb just like Parsley and belongs to a carrot family. In ancient times, Cilantro was used in many healing remedies. In China, it is known as Chinese Parsley. Cilantro comes in the form of flat light green leaves, used for cooking and medicinal purposes. 

Earlier, it was a common ingredient to treat abdominal pain, bloating, gas and many more digestive issues. Although there is no scientific reason that Cilantro helps in losing weight, the herb is beneficial in losing extra calories from the body to have a fit and perfectly shaped body. Obesity is well treated with the help of Cilantro. 

Why Use Cilantro For Weight Loss?

Using Cilantro is one of the best home remedies for weight management. Here are a few reasons why it is considered to be used for weight gain. 

1. Hormonal Effects 

The most common hormone, known as Limonene, is present in Cilantro, responsible for reducing belly fat. Cilantro works as a natural source to activate this hormone in the body. According to dieticians and scientists, Limonene is an important hormone that helps provide a flat stomach by eliminating the formation of saturated fats in the body. It helps reduce the absorption of fats around the belly and dissolves the accumulated fat and therefore helps in weight loss to a great extent. 

2. Less Calorie Herb 

It is a known fact that when a person is into a weight loss regime, it requires less intake of calories. A perfect weight loss diet needs to have a strict diet with low calories and highly nutritional food to keep the body safe and healthy. As per research, Cilantro is one of the herbs with very low calorie, and just a cup of Cilantro water gives you only one calorie with a lot of nutrients. 

3. Digestive Aid 

Cilantro is the best herb for treating digestive issues. It works as a powerful natural remedy. Cilantro works in the body by stimulating the digestive tract to release digestive juices, promoting better digestion. It treats all digestive issues like gas, pain and more. Cilantro is best for eliminating bloating and helps in proper bowel movement. All such reasons help in maintaining weight loss and prevent weight gain. 

4. Detoxification 

Just like Cumin water, Cilantro water also comes with detoxification properties. It eliminated all toxins from the body, which further helps in losing extra fat of the body. 


Recipes of Cilantro for weight loss 

1. Cilantro and Lemon Juice

It is a perfect fat cutter juice that includes only three essential ingredients, such as Cilantro sprigs, lemon and warm water. Making this juice is very simple; the first step is you have to get cilantro leaves and cut all the roots.

Wash them properly with fresh water and use a blender to grind them. Now get four cups of warm water, add squeezed lemon juice and mix it well. Your juice is ready now, and you must consume this Cilantro juice empty stomach every day for best results. You can also add honey for a better taste. 


cilantro for weight loss


How does this juice work?

It is a known fact that lemon and warm water is magic when it is about losing weight. The juice works by enhancing the metabolic rate and provides a great energy level to a user throughout the day. Cilantro contains high levels of nutrients and comes with antioxidant properties for a better digestive system.

Lemon and warm is a perfect blend for weight loss and also helps in weight management. Cilantro helps in burning accumulated fat. As per the recent study, people who are drinking this Cilantro juice lose 3 to 5 pounds in two to three weeks. 

2. Cilantro and Cucumber Juice 

This is also a fantastic juice containing two ingredients: Cilantro leaves and Cucumber slices.

For this cilantro detox juice, you can add lemon juice also for a perfect taste. Get a blender and grind cucumber and cilantro leaves, and make a consistent paste. If you get a thick consistency, you must add half a cup of water to make it perfect. Squeeze lemon juice and your weight loss drink are ready. It is an ideal juice for detoxification. 


cilantro for weight loss


How does this juice work? 

This juice is refreshing and works as a natural tonic that you must drink for losing weight as the cucumber is a perfect water source ingredient that contains 95% water that is responsible for cutting extra calories from the body. Both vegetables present in this juice are full of nutrients and water that help clean your body by removing excess toxins from the body. 

3. Mint Cilantro Juice 

This cilantro for weight loss juice contains excellent detoxifying properties that are responsible for detoxification and cleansing the body. The best time to have this juice is early morning; it helps prevent the accumulation of fats and removes all toxins from the body.


cilantro detox juice- mint and cilantro juice


There are only three ingredients present in this juice, and they are half a bunch of mint and cilantro leaves and lemon juice for taste. Blend all three ingredients in a blender, and here we go, your juice is ready. You must add a cup of water into the mixture to make it a smooth liquid. 

4. Cilantro and Cardamom Drink 

Cardamom is a great ingredient that promotes a weight loss regime. It works by increasing the metabolism rate of the body and enhances the energy level. When there is a better metabolism, it naturally helps remove excess fat from the body and gives better energy levels to support weight management. Also, Cardomom is responsible for better digestion and allows you to get rid of bloating, which further helps remove the extra fat of the body.

When you combine Cilantro with Cardomom, it has shown tremendous and efficient results in losing weight. All you need is four to five cardamoms, a bunch of Cilantro and water to make this drink. 

Cilantro For Weight Loss


Making this drink is easy; you have to follow some steps, like heat the water in a vessel, then add ground Cilantro leaves and boil the water. Now add cardamoms in the boiling water, and turn off the flame to allow the water for rest. Let it be cool, and then your drink is ready to have. Make sure you filter the water before you drink. 

5. Simple Cilantro Water 

The best and easiest way to use Cilantro for weight loss is to have simple cilantro water every day to reduce the accumulated fat of the body. Only you need a bunch of Cilantro and water. The first step to make this water is to finely chop the Cilantro and add them into a blender with water. Your simple Cilantro water is ready to drink and enjoy its health benefits. 


Cilantro For Weight Loss


6. Vegetables and Cilantro Juice 

Here in this cilantro detox juice when we say vegetables, you can add any vegetables that promote weight loss like tomatoes, garlic and more. To make a perfect Cilantro juice for weight loss, get Chopped Cilantro, two enormous tomatoes, half a spoon of cumin seeds, garlic and ginger.

You can add curry leaves also; they are also best for losing weight. Making this juice is simple, cut tomatoes into small pieces, chop Cilantro and add all ingredients into a blender with water for perfect consistency. You can have this juice every evening for weight management. 


Cilantro For Weight Loss


7. Cilantro Tea 

Apart from cilantro detox juice, you can easily make Cilantro tea for losing weight anytime you want. It not only helps in weight loss but also helps in the purification of blood. Get a bunch of Cilantro and water, heat the water in a vessel, add some cilantro leaves, and keep them boiling for a few minutes. Put the flame off and allow the water to reach a lukewarm temperature. Filter the water, and your tea is ready to drink. 


Cilantro For Weight Loss


Final Verdict 

Cilantro has a great aroma, and if you add a few sprigs of Cilantro to your dishes, it will enhance the taste of your food. But apart from its taste, have you ever wondered how Cilantro loses the body’s extra fat? Through the above article and recipes of Cilantro, you will get a great idea about how Cilantro is beneficial and works in the body for weight loss. You can choose any of the above recipes in your everyday routine to burn extra calories. Hope that now you belive cilantro for weight loss is a great remedy!

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