10 Best Horror Mockumentaries Of All Time

Who doesn’t love a classic horror story that has twists and turns in it- everyone loves it. This is why horror mockumentaries are becoming popular these days. As the name suggests, it is a kind of documentary that features fictional characters to present a horrific incident. The scenes are fictional, but they have the ability to create a sense of horror that can prove to be spine-chilling as well.

These mockumentaries are created in such a way that you are sure to believe in them no matter what, and once this is accomplished, it becomes easier to mould further ideas into them for an even greater impact. 

Here are ten best horror mockumentaries that you must see for a thrilling experience:

Best Horror Mockumentaries

1. Punishment Park (1971): 

Based on the brutalities of the Vietnam era, this mockumentary shows the story of a failed government trying to express its unjustified frustration upon the commoners through horrific angst. The protestors are forcefully sent to detention camps because that is where the traitors go. The officers there are equally horrific, but surprisingly, they offer freedom to these men only if they take part in “capture the flag”, a peculiar game performed for moral satisfaction. 

The authorities choose to keep an eye on them while involving in a rattle among themselves. The entire picturization involves the horrors of a fascist era, where one cannot do anything but die an untimely death. Punishment Park has been an inspiration for later films in this genre.


best horror mockumentaries


2. Ghostwatch (1992): 

It is a UK television special occurring in late twentieth-century England. The story revolves around a group of familiar faces who form a crew and spend a night at a haunted house with a family. Eerie occurrences lead the audience to believe that it was actually real. 

Controversies began right after the show’s first appearance, and people were quite assured that the paranormal activities and possessions were real, especially the last scene where the signal itself gets possessed. Overall, this has several scary moments which will frighten you to the core. You cannot even believe that the events were just fictional that were merely taped, it has much more mystery attached to it.


best horror mockumentaries


3. The Last Broadcast (1998): 

This digital product is a classic example where the fictional and true events seem to blur the lines, while the audience is spell-bound to witness the occurring. It shows the quest of a filmmaker who is determined to solve a murder mystery. He goes through different phases to find out how a specific TV crew was brutally killed, and while on his journey, he comes across certain bizarre happenings that surely lead him towards the truth in a frightening and exciting way. 

The show has a gripping climax that is sure to blow your mind away, while you still figure out how the eerie things are linked to one another. It is worth a watch, and many later films and documentaries are based on its plot structure, which is sure to mesmerize and haunt you in a classic way.


best horror mockumentaries


4. Head Case (2007): 

It is another classic mockumentary that expresses the thrills of horror in every sense of the term. It presents gripping onscreen violence, and the sweet couple who always smiles seem to hold larger secrets. They are linked up with the torture and murder of innocent victims, and the cold-blooded murder seems to be even more horrifying than the deaths themselves. The calm and composed couple attract the audience in such a way that it seems to get even worse towards the end. 

Their cool attitude while planning some awful dangerous crimes is what grabs our attention the most. The horrific scenes will keep you glued in an abnormal way, as you try to find out the exact reason for the couple’s eerie behaviour. The show has had tons of criticisms and applause coming its way. Nevertheless, it cannot be missed in any way, as the story gradually unfolds itself in an equally horrific manner. 


best horror mockumentaries


5. The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007): 

John and Drew Dowdle create a level-up serial killing series that does not only haunt you with the gruesome killing of victims but also portrays an inhuman creature on stage, who has nothing but vengeance filled within him. No real reason is shown as to why this man is so cruel in his proceedings, but the manner in which he deals with the murderous acts says a lot about his nature. 

You will be increasingly drawn towards his manipulations by which he tries to entice his victims as well as the police, and succeeds in doing so every time. The overall ambience created is utterly horrifying proving how cold-blooded he can be with every step that he takes further. Unimaginable events take place, and karma seems to strike at the right time in the climax.


best horror mockumentaries


6. The Borderlands (2013): 

This is another UK series of paranormal activities which is highly recommended. The story revolves around a group of Vatican investigators who search for abnormal events occurring in and around a church in a remote area. 

Several spine-chilling visuals lead them to further investigations, but what they discover at the end is somewhat unexpected and unbelievable. The secrets are well hidden till the very end of the movie, and the scenes are organized in such a way that the horrors seem to be occurring at equal intervals.


best horror mockumentaries


7. Lake Mungo (2008): 

This is an Australian production that is equally terrifying as the previous ones. It is a story about the spirit of a teenage girl which still haunts the family every now and then, owing to an unnatural death while swimming. The events give a clear hint before the spirit is about to enter the stage and believe me, you are still not going to be prepared for what is going to occur. 

The scenes are spine-thrilling, along with an eminent web of incidents that make you think further. It is not just a ghost story; there is more to it. It is a classic presentation of early twentieth-century society as well, especially for girls and women.


best horror mockumentaries


8. The Tunnel (2011): 

The horrors of Spanish footage gets leaked in this movie, which paves the way for the occurrence of paranormal activities. The story includes a journalist investigating with her team about the tunnels left out in Sydney, and how the residences collapsed beneath them. The reality is much more dangerous than they can think of, and the journey seems to terrify even the bravest of souls out there. 

It is interesting to watch how they begin the journey in a high spirit, and how different horrific incidents lead them to discover that the journey is not that easy. It includes the horrors of every person who once lived there, and they wonder if they can get through it unharmed. It is a must-watch if you are an adventure freak, and it presents the idea of paranormal activity in a greater aspect altogether.


best horror mockumentaries


9. The Taking (2014): 

This is by far one of the best recent mockumentaries in the horror genre. It involves the story of an elderly woman who has Alzheimer’s, and a crew gets to work to create a document on her condition. A series of events leads them to believe that the woman is not just suffering from a medical ailment, but there is something more sinister. 

The serious tone of the woman creates a looming atmosphere of uncertainty around everyone present in the room, and an effect of abnormality is successfully created. The crew cannot make out what exactly is wrong with her, but they surely get to witness paranormal behaviours throughout their stay in and around the woman. The movie carries the suspense till the very end, and it only grips you to your seat most of the time.


best horror mockumentaries


10. The Conspiracy (2012): 

This features yet another documentary that a group of filmmakers is set to create on conspiracy theories, but things take a turn when they discover the absolute horrors of a secret society. The connection of the top authorities with the underworld shakes the audience from their very roots. 

You may seem to know a lot, but after watching this movie, you will be sure that you know absolutely nothing about power and authority, the misuse of power, and power dynamics. The story also includes gruesome crimes being committed by officials, in order to hide their real identities from the world. The entire story will haunt you every time you come in contact with a government official for that matter!


best horror mockumentaries


Final Word

Mockumentaries are greatly adored in the horror genre still now, as most of the recent ones seem to include their original effects in every sense. The classic ones have been created in the twentieth century, where the horrific crimes, paranormal activities, and bizarre behaviours of the characters seemed to steal the show. The actors seem to be so good, that you actually might consider the movies as tape recordings of true events, so give them a watch soon. 

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