Different Ways To Use Essential Oil For Static Hair

Sick of having those hair strands standing over your head? Ever wondered about using essential oil for static hair?

Having an attractive look makes it easy for an individual to initiate a healthy conversation. Due to busy schedules, people cannot take care of themselves by taking grooming sessions, getting massages, and many more self-care activities. Hair plays a vital role in enhancing the look of an individual, and the use of shampoo made of chemicals makes the roots weak.


Essential Oil For Static Hair


There are other problems like static hair in which electricity builds up in the hair, and they start repelling each other. It makes them look weird, and the most significant disadvantage of static hair is the difficulty in setting up the hairstyle.

Some ways to use essential oil for settling down static here are as follows.

Ways to Use Essential Oil For Static Hair

1. Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, and Rosemary oil 

All these ingredients help promote the growth of hair and prevent inflammation in the scalp. It is easy to prepare a mixture of all these oils. 


  • Take two ounces of Jojoba Oil, 1 ounce of castor oil, and n\10 drops of rosemary oil.
  • Take a spray bottle and add all of these oils. Mixing well before spraying the oil on the head is essential. Spraying in the roots will be beneficial as the absorption by the scalp will happen efficiently.
  • Giving a gentle massage for 15 minutes is necessary because that helps in better absorption of the oil.
  • Leave the oil overnight and wash it with normal water in the morning. 

One can repeat this twice a week and would see excellent results within a few weeks. It will make the hair silky and shiny too. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


2. Natural Essential Oil For Static Hair Recipe

The ingredients present in these oils help in straightening hair and prevent breakage. It prevents static and curly hair and gives shiny and healthy hair. 

One has to take:

  • Two teaspoons of coconut oil 
  • One teaspoon of avocado oil 
  • 2-drops peppermint essential oil 
  • Half teaspoon of castor oil 
  • One teaspoon of Jojoba oil 
  • Two teaspoons of cypress oil 
  • 2 drops cedarwood essential oil
  • Two drops of rosemary essential oil. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


There are three different ways in which one can apply this oil. 

  • Applying on the scalp 

One has to mix all these oils and have to add them to a spray bottle. While spraying the oil on the scalp, one has to give a gentle massage for 20 minutes. Now one can wash their hair with normal water. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


  • Avoid static hair instantly

One has to take a few drops of oil in their hand and rub it well. It is advised to apply the oil with the fingers’ tip and move them down towards the hair tip. It will straighten the hair and will help in getting rid of static hair. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


  • Setting up the design 

Setting up the hairstyle becomes easy by spraying this oil on the head. One has to run their hand in all directions to set a hairstyle. A hairbrush will also work fine in getting a perfect hairstyle. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


3. Hair moisturizing formula 

The natural serum promotes the growth of hair and gives shiny and long hair within a few weeks. 

Preparing this oil is easy, and for that, one has to take the following ingredients 

  • 2 ounces of coconut oil
  • Seven drops of clary sage oil 
  • 7 drops peppermint oil 
  • 7 drops lavender oil
  • 1-ounce castor oil 
  • 1-ounce kernel oil 

Mixing all in this oil and spraying in the roots can make the hair soft and shiny. One can repeat and spray multiple times in a week. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


Natural ways to deal with static hair 

1. Do not wash hair frequently 

Getting a hair wash every day can make the hair dry, and the hair would attract more electrons. Thus, making the hair repellent to each other and washing hair every day with shampoo snatches away the oil from the scalp, which weakens the hair’s roots. 

2. Ensures the hair is moisturized 

Hair spray is the best solution to ensure that the hair is moisturized. Static hair and moisture don’t stay together, and it is easy to prepare hair spray at home. One needs vegetable glycerin and rosewater to prepare moisturizer and avoid alcohol-based hair sprays that can make hair more static. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


3. Changing the comb 

Use a wood comb because that doesn’t have any charge. Moreover, using a comb that has closely packed teeth would create friction. It is suggested to use a comb which has wider teeth. The metal cob would also work but not the plastic ones. 

4. Choose the fibre 

One can avoid wearing nylon clothes and switch to cotton to prevent static hair. These fabrics build a static charge. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


5. Do not rub your hair much with a towel 

Rubbing the towel would snatch the moisture and can ultimately build the static charge. One should avoid using the hairdryer too. At times we forget about running the fingers in the hair, or we don’t notice. The solution for that is using a moisturizer cream to avoid dry hands. It would prevent building the static charge. 

One can run dry sheets on their head during the night. For that rubbing the head on the pillows will work fine. It can prevent the building of static charges. 

6. Avoid running fingers in the hair

Running fingers snatches away the nourishment from the hair, which makes the hair weak. It also sucks the moisture, thus increasing the possibility for static hair. 


Essential Oil For Static Hair


Reasons for static hair 

1. Weather conditions

The static hair increases when there is a lack of humidity in the air, usually in the winter season. Another reason for static hair could be wearing caps. The reason being is the excess of charged electrons that are created by the cap. 

2. Impact of static hair 

In some rare conditions, static hair can lead to hair fall. The hair starts repelling each other, and the hair becomes frizzy. Somewhere in the subconscious mind, it stays that the hair is looking frizzy and bad. It is the reason that individuals run their fingers to get back the hairstyle. Running the fingers are snatching away the moisture from the hair. 


Regular practices for avoiding static hair 

1. Massage  

A good massage for 15 minutes in the scalp gives strength to the hair. It also avoids the static hair problem. 

2. Apply moisturizer 

Applying a small amount of moisturizer can prevent static hair for a long time. One has to ensure that only one drop or two would be enough to give the hair moisture. Moreover, the moisturizer has to be applied to the hair and not on the scalp. 



These are the different ways and different oils which one can spray on one head to get rid of static hair. Not only this, but these oils also help with proper nourishment, which is much needed for good hair growth. All the oil present in any of the recipes are natural to repeat and apply 2-3 times a week. There are some precautions that everyone should take to avoid damage to their hair. It is highly advisable not to use chemicals on the head because that can affect the scalp.

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