How to Get Shiny Hair in One Night?

A question that comes to every girl’s hair- how to get shiny hair overnight? The answer to this, you’ll find today!

It is every girl’s dream to achieve that lustre that makes their locks glisten in the light! This is not something that you need to stress about, as you will see in the article ahead, how few hacks can give you that lustre you have been looking for for this long! The hair type and texture are essential to keep in mind while looking for tips to manage that shine.

This is in no way a cue to buy loads of pricey hair care products because, in reality, they damage the keratin of the hair. In order to achieve what you have been looking for, it is vital to keep in mind that as much natural as you go, the results are going to be healthier and better. Investing in a few kitchen ingredients is what is needed! Let us get straight away to those secrets that will make those luscious locks shinier and healthy-looking. 

Hair Loses Its Natural Shine, Here’s Why

There are tons of factors why the health of hair can deteriorate over time. The most common factors are usually excessive environmental pollution, stressful lifestyle, overexposure to sun rays, harmful food patterns, extreme sleep deprivation, lack of nourishment and moisture, besides many other factors.


how to get shiny hair overnight


If not healthy, the hair will lead to the rise of the cuticle against the shafts, which had to be lying down instead of standing up. This is how, when light hits the strands of hair, it does not encounter a plain surface to bounce instantaneously, and the hair looks extremely dry and lifeless. 

Tips on how to get shiny hair overnight

These are the few hacks on how to make the hair surface shinier and healthy-looking without the usage of any high-end products! Tricks have been tested and tried, based on trial and error, the final tips being the superbly efficient ones. Now’s let’s go ahead and look at these tricks:

1. A hair mask made of coconut oil

Since time immemorial, coconut oil has been an essential ingredient in the effective treatment of hair woes, and not just hair woes; it is only as useful for skincare. But here, let’s focus on its usage as the saviour to hair ailments:

  • Take a bowl of coconut oil and heat it for some time until it’s warm enough.
  • Put all of the warm oil abundantly on the scalp and hair’s entirety before hitting the sack and massage throughout the scalp and strands.
  • Coat every strand of hair with coconut oil until the hair starts feeling some considerable weight.
  • Pull up your hair and comb through them so that all of the applied oil is evenly distributed and can be soaked up by the hair strands.
  • Braid your hair loosely so that some air can be allowed while it is tied up.
  • The next morning while showering, wash the hair with a mild shampoo and repeat the process twice. Use lukewarm water to wash off all the oil traces, and holo, you will have locks that shine like stars!


how to get shiny hair overnight


2. Mask made out of olive oil

You might have heard about the nourishing effects of olive oil on the skin and how it is used to treat dry hair. Well, if you know, this then let us tell you that olive oil works even better on hair. Olive oil is high in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E hence helps in reducing the damage that causes hair breakage and other ailments. Let’s look at ways by which we can make an olive oil hair mask:

  • Take a small amount of oil in a heating pan and heat it for a few seconds.
  • Take this warm oil and apply it over your curly hair while focusing primarily on the hair ends and avoid the scalp as much as you can.
  • Pull about gently and braid them loosely, after which you have to wrap it in a piece of cotton cloth or any other thin towel.
  • The next morning, after waking up, wash your hair off with a mild shampoo and make sure that the oil is ultimately out of the hair.


how to get shiny hair overnight


3. Apple cider vinegar the magic vinegar

These days, several hair products have apple cider vinegar as one of their primary ingredients, and it has become a rage in the cosmetic industry. The vinegar has enhancing properties and removes all forms of dirt and build-up from the hair’s surface. This also bolsters the softness of hair and lets us see how we can harness the benefits of apple cider vinegar:

  • Take a cap of apple cider vinegar and dilute it in a cup of water; keep it aside at room temperature.
  • After getting done with washing and conditioning your hair, you have to take out the concoction made of water and apple cider vinegar.
  • Condition is usually the last step in a hair rinse, but this is where you have to use the apple cider vinegar as the final rinse. Wash your hair with diluted hair.
  • Now collect your wet strands slowly and squeeze the excess water out from your hair; follow up by wrapping a towel around your head.


how to get shiny hair overnight


4. Fenugreek seeds for shiny locks

Methi, as they are commonly known for fenugreek seeds, are high in vitamin C, iron, lecithin, protein, and potassium, which are responsible for boosting hair growth. The perpetual effects have been counted as to be a boost in shine, hair thickening, and a glossy finish. Let’s look at how effectively they can be used to achieve these benefits:

  • Take a handful of fenugreek seeds and soak them up in a bowl of water.
  • The next morning take these soaked seeds and blend them in a blender. Remember that the paste has to be consistent and not thick in its texture. Paste has to be even and smooth.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly and apply the paste directly onto the scalp and strands evenly; follow up by leaving it on for about half an hour.
  • Now, after it is dried, wash your hair with a sulfate-based shampoo that is mild.
  • Follow up with conditioning and rinse the conditioner out using cold water, which will also lock the pores.


how to get shiny hair overnight


5. Yoghurt and Aloe Vera mask for the ultimate gloss

Aloe Vera is a very potent ingredient no matter what way it is used. It is already a popular ingredient in skincare and is now being used as a base in hair care products too, in oils, masks and even serums. Aloe Vera has proteolytic enzymes that are known for healing damaged cells of the scalp, and with that, let’s see how they can be used to treat dull hair:

  • Take a freshly cut Aloe Vera branch and cut it in the mid carefully so that all the gel inside it can be extracted successfully.
  • Blend the gel into a smooth paste and add some spoons of yoghurt if you can tolerate the smell of yoghurt, if not then Aloe Vera is just fine to be used individually.
  • Now put on a heat cap and allow the mask to sit on the scalp for the entire night.
  • After waking up, wash your hair with mildly warm or lukewarm water. For rinsing the hair using a mild shampoo that is not chemically potent.
  • Let your hair air dry.


how to get shiny hair overnight


Effectively Managing Shiny Hair

Hopefully, we have answered your question- how to get shiny hair overnight? But, you have to keep in mind that achieving the overnight lustre is just a temporary solution as dull and lifeless hair could aim at a bigger problem at hand. In case, these tricks are not handy enough in dealing with lack-lustre hair then consult a dermatologist who would be able to pinpoint the exact causes for such issues. It is very possible that professional help would immediately cure the concerns.

Besides, it is important to remember that intra-care is not enough to maintain hair health, taking care of bodily needs is just as necessary. We hope that this write-up was enlightening and helped you with some instant tips to “shine” like the stars!

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