Indian Bollywood Movies in Netflix 2021

Netflix movie collections are quite varied, having both English and Hindi movies. If you are a die-hard fan of Bollywood, Netflix has quite a long list of such movies, both the Indian Hindi films and the Netflix Originals. 

If you can’t decide which Hindi movie to watch first and which one to add to your collection, do not worry any further. In this upcoming article, we have compiled a list of the best Indian Bollywood movies on Netflix in 2021 that you must have a look at. 

Best Indian Movies on Netflix

1. Lagaan

IMDB rating: 4.05/5

Lagaan was set in rural India during the time when British rule was still there. The main character of the movie, Bhuvan refused to bow down to the irrelevant demands of the British rulers when they asked the village to provide double the revenue they were paying to date. However, it wasn’t possible because due to no rain and drought, the families couldn’t grow crops. It was then the Viceroy challenged Bhuvan to a series match of Cricket which was the then national sport of England. 

Bhuvan and other villagers knew nothing about Cricket and hence, winning the game proved to be difficult for them. But then Elizabeth Russel, Captain Andrew Russel’s sister, came forward willingly and trained Bhuvan and his team in everything about cricket. In the meantime, Lakha betrayed Bhuvan and updated Andrew about their practice sessions. 

That’s why Bhuvan’s team couldn’t score much when they were balling. Towards the end when it was Bhuvan’s turn to bat and win the game, he made a no-ball strike that gave him just one chance to save his village from the wrath of the British rulers. And because of his faith in himself and his fellow teammates, he finally made a sixer which made them the winner.



2. Parmanu

IMDB rating: 3.8/5

Parmanu is one of the best movies you can watch on Netflix. It highlights how the Indian army team conducted nuclear tests in a strictly confidential environment despite facing numerous threats and warnings from both the US and Pakistan governments. With the worsening political condition of India, Captain Ashwat Raina and his team had to race against time to successfully conduct the nuclear weapons and strengthen India’s defence line further.

It is a movie to watch only if you are interested in movies based on true stories. John played the character of Ashwat Raina and his patriotism won millions of hearts all across the country. 


indian movies on netflix


3. 3 idiots

IMBD Rating: 4.⅖

Based on Chetan Bhagat’s book of Five Point Someone, 3 idiots was the highest-earning movie in 2009 when it was released. The plot was set in ICE, Bangalore which was an engineering college and whose director was “Virus” as called by the students.

He was strict and always believed that education means following the traditional grading system, textbooks, and the higher grades in exams. That’s why he believed Rancho to be his biggest competitor because both of their beliefs about the education system were polar opposite.

The movie showed how three roommates- Rancho, Farhan, and Raju- became the best of best friends despite coming from different backgrounds. It was due to Rancho that the movie was able to show what education truly means. His intelligence and innovative thoughts finally won the director’s heart.

“All is Well” was the signature statement that Rancho believed in whenever he found himself in tight spots. 3 idiots is an Indian movie that taught all of us how knowledge is gained from our surroundings and not from books. 


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4. Gunjan Saxena

IMDB rating: 3.1

Based on a true story and starring Jahnvi Kapoor, this particular Netflix Original showcased how a woman has to face struggles to earn respect in a male-dominated society. Gunjan Saxena had a dream of becoming the first female fighter plane pilot. When she got accepted into the academy, she was frowned upon. Even her mentor didn’t believe that she was a capable pilot. After many struggles and hardships, Gunjan was finally sent on a mission near the borders. However, she wasn’t allowed to give instructions as her co-pilot was her superior. 

She was meant to follow orders and fly the jet. 

However, a mishap happened as they were attacked and some of the fighter planes went down with pilots stuck inside. Gunjan knew the risks of landing within the warzone for rescuing those pilots but she did anyway. And that’s what earned her the respect she deserved as the movie ended with everyone applauding for her the moment she got off the plane after rescuing those injured combat pilots. 


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5. Jodha Akbar

IMDB rating: 3.6/5

Even though the movie didn’t score high enough in IMDB rating, you cannot overlook the historical love it portrayed- the story of a Mughal emperor falling in love with a Rajput princess. The movie started with the great battle of Panipat that Akbar fought when he first ascended to the throne under the guidance of Bairam Khan. However, unlike other times, Akbar refused to slaughter the Rajput king against whom the battle was fought. It was his first step towards a friendship between the Mughals and the Hindus. 

Later on, King Bharmal came to Akbar’s court with a deal of inter-region matrimony. Jodha Bai was shattered with the news but she knew that for her father and the common people of Amer, she had to agree to this union. But being a brave Rajput, she kept some conditions in front of Akbar, one of which allowed her to continue with her religion.

The entire movie showed how two strangers went through heartbreak and then fell in love with each other. Towards the end, however, Akbar fought a one-on-one battle with his brother-in-law, Sharfuddin where he became victorious. 


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6. Barfi

IMDB rating: 4/5

Barfi is one of the best movies the Indian Cinema has ever seen. The plot was set in the 1970s in Kolkata where the story revolves around a speech and hearing-impaired boy Barfi, an autistic girl named Jhilmil, and a normal girl who recently moved to Kolkata called Shruti. At first, it was shown that Shruti fell in love with Barfi because of his innocence and positive attitude towards everything happening in life. But, under the pressure of societal norms and her parents, Shruti got married to another man who in terms of her parents was “normal”. In the meantime, Barfi was heartbroken but he didn’t let his smile falter. 

After a few months, he ran into Jhilmil and fled away from her father’s house to go back to Aashiyana. Both Barfi and Jhilmil fell for each other during their run from the police. Barfi was caught and Jhilmil finally returned to her “Dadu”. Later when Shruti came to know about Barfi being in custody, she rescued him on bail and decided to help him out. During their time together, Shruti realized she still loved Barfi and tried to win him over. But, Barfi was in love with Jhilmil and it was only at the end when Shruti came to know that love has no definition or pre-requisites. 


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7. ABCD- anybody can dance


IMDB rating: 3.7/5

This was the first movie in Bollywood whose plot was based on the life stories of several street dancers who don’t get an opportunity to showcase their talents. Pravudeva a.k.a Vishnu Sir formed a team out of two street dancer groups, one led by Rocky (Salman Yusuf Khan) and D (Dharmesh). At first, it was shown how both these groups continued to engage in personal fights as both Rocky and D wanted to outsmart each other. The effect of their tiff could be seen directly on the audition round of Dance Dil Se where they started fighting in between performances. 

They were going to be disqualified when Vishnu Sir’s opponent mocked them and asked the judges to give them another chance. Fast forward Rocky and D were made to do a blindfolded exercise in which they succeeded after several tries. This sole incident cleared their misunderstanding and they reached the finals. Heartbreaks, the loss of a loved one, and even betrayal were the main three emotions that were portrayed along the movie course. However, it was the finale dance that won the hearts of every viewer. 


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Several other Indian movies are there on Netflix like Bulbul, Taare Zameen Par, Race 2, Happy New Year, Raazi, Players, and others that you can watch. But these movies described here will never lose their impact on the Indian audience. The storylines are heart-touching and each had a purpose which the movie served well.

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