7 Best Amla Hair Mask Recipe For Healthy Hair

Amla, also known as the Indian gooseberry, is considered one of the best herbs for the health of your hair. You will find plenty of hair products infused with amla in the market in the market, like amla hair oil, amla hair shampoo, and various hair masks made of amla. In this article, we will discuss the amla hair mask recipe that could do wonders for your hair. There is nothing better than amla to treat the problems of your hair.

Here, we will talk about various masks that can be created with the assistance of amla for our hair. In today’s time, because of extra dirt, heat, and pollution, our hairs go through plenty of issues like hair loss, dryness, and many more. This is why we need to look after our hair. Now, with the availability of amla, you don’t have to be tensed about spending the extra money to treat your hair. You can do it easily by creating hair masks on your own. Therefore, let us reflect upon some perfect homemade hair masks.

Why use Amla for Hair?

Do you want long hair, not face hair loss and want your scalp to be healthy? If the answer to this question is yes, then these hair masks are just for you. With so many solutions present today, natural remedies are the best ones to go for as they do not cause any side effects and are very effective. Moreover, they are easily available and will work wonders if you have a dry, rough, extra oily, or itchy scalp. So let us have a look at the best amla hair masks.


amla hair mask recipe


1. Coconut oil, Hibiscus, and Amla

If you want to attain an effective hair mask for the well-being of your hair, then this one might be the one you are looking for. It will provide your hair with the ideal nourishment that you require. In addition, these ingredients will provide your hair with natural colour and also help in maintaining the lustre of your hair. Be it hair growth or providing shine to your hair, this hair mask is what you should choose for yourself. Mentioned below are the steps that you need to follow:

  •         First, we are required to take around 6- 9 hibiscus and then remove the petals.
  •         Then, we have to cleanse the petals properly.
  •         We have to crush the petals into a proper paste.
  •         Then, heat up to 4-5 tablespoons of the milk.
  •         After cooling it down, we are supposed to include the paste.
  •         Then, include a tablespoon of amla and then amalgamate them together perfectly.
  •         Then, use the hair mask on your scalp and hairs and then rub it slowly.
  •         We must keep the paste on our hair for around 35 mins and then cleanse it thoroughly.


amla hair mask recipe


2. Amla and Curry Leaves

If you wish to get proper results and see visible changes after using a particular hair mask, then this is the one completely ideal for you. You will not face hair loss, hair damage, or any other such hair issues. The most important thing you need to do is use this hair mask two times weekly for effective results. Below are the steps that need to be reflected upon for the preparation of the hair mask.

  •         The first thing that we need to do is, take some amla and cut them into little pieces.
  •         After chopping them, we must put them in a mixture and then include a few curry leaves with water.
  •         We have to amalgamate everything perfectly to create a hair mask.
  •         Then, we can use the hair mask and then rub it on our heads lightly to relax.
  •         We need to keep the paste on for a while before cleaning it off.


amla hair mask recipe


3. Amla and Lemon Juice

Another amla hair mask recipe involves amla and lemon juiceDo you want to attain strong and healthy hair and do not want to face multiple hair issues like dandruff, hair loss, and others? If yes, then this hair mask is the one you should add to your hair care routine. If you want to attain various vitamins and effective results, then you have to use this hair mask about one to two times a week. To prepare the hair mask by yourself, follow the steps mentioned below:

  •         We will require around four spoons of amla powder in a vessel with some water to create a fine paste.
  •         Then we are required to include around three tablespoons of the other ingredient and then amalgamate them perfectly.
  •         Then we can use the hair mask on our hair by rubbing it gently all over.
  •         We must keep the mask as it is on our hair for an hour before cleansing it off.


amla hair mask recipe


4. Amla and honey

This particular mask offers plenty of advantages. Do you have dry hair and wish to fix your damaged and unnourished hair? If yes, then this hair mask will be the perfect choice for you. None of us could have imagined that attaining hair with fine texture would be so easy. Almost all of us wish to have hair with fine texture and silky hair; this will assist us in achieving this aim. So, to fulfil all the requirements of our hair, we must apply this mask once a week. The ways mentioned below will assist you in the preparation.

  •         The first thing we must do is collect two spoons of ground amla in a vessel.
  •         Then, we are required to include honey to make a perfect paste.
  •         Then, rub the mask on our hair.
  •         We are required to hold on for around 25 mins before cleansing it.


amla hair mask recipe


5. Amla and Yogurt

If you have rough hair and require some moisture to embrace your hair, this mask is 100% suitable. With amla, yoghurt has many useful properties; it is rich in vital nutrients, cleans the scalp, and eliminates dead skin cells. If your hair requires proper care and wants to boost hair growth, then choosing this paste will not go in vain. Ponder over the steps mentioned to make the hair mask.

  •         We are required to collect three spoons of curd in a vessel
  •         Then, we will have to include ground amla in it.
  •         For preparing the mask, we have to amalgamate the elements together.
  •         Then, we can put the mask on our hair.


amla hair mask recipe


6. Amla and Olive oil

This method falls under the category of effective ones. This is ideal for people who wish to have beautiful hair. The elements used in it assist in developing the hairs; it assists in preventing the hair from damage and betters the circulation of blood. Mentioned below are the steps that we require for the preparation.

  •         The first thing we are required to do is attain the required quantity of olive oil.
  •         Then, we are required to involve the elements and then blend them.
  •         Then, we can use it on our hair and then let it remain as it is for 35 mins.


amla hair mask recipe


7. Shikakai and Amla

Do you want to make your hair appear glossy and silky? Do you wish to have hair with fine textures? If the answer to this is yes, then you must go for this hair mask. It will assist in providing softness to your hair. If you are facing dandruff or lice issues, then shikakai is the best solution for you. It will even slow down the greying of your hair and will soothe your scalp. Mentioned below are the steps that will assist you in the preparation of this mask.

  •         We are required to take the same amount of shikakai and amla powder.
  •         We need to prepare the fine paste by blending the ingredients.
  •         Then, we can use it on our hair and then keep it as it is for 35 mins.


amla hair mask recipe



Many natural ingredients can assist our hair to attain health, but there is nothing better than amla. We can mix it with multiple ingredients, as mentioned above, to create an effective hair mask. So be it any hair problem. We can count on amla anytime. It will help in strengthening our hairs and our scalp too. It will help in the promotion of hair growth, reduction of hair loss. It will assist in preventing and treating dandruff and itchy scalp.

There are multiple hair treatments you can opt for in the salon, but the cost that you spend on it is not worth it. Why do we need to waste money when we can easily get the same treatment naturally with the assistance of amla hair masks. Hitherto, if you wish to pamper your hair, then there is nothing better than amla and the various hair masks you can prepare with it.

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