Benefits Of Lotus Seeds For Skin-Get to Know Before you Step-In

Lotus is considered to be an essential item when it comes to decoration. So, what other benefits does it offer besides this? Apart from this,  It is ground and boiled to form a syrup or paste, which. Bears nutritional value as well. 

Therefore, it is widely used as a Healthcare product and is mixed with ingredients like tea, juice, jam, honey, etc. What sets it apart is its ability to act as a very good cure for skin diseases. It contains flavonoids, saponins, polyphenols and possesses anti-ageing properties. So, give this article a read to know the benefits of Lotus Seeds on skin. 


lotus seeds on skin


Key Benefits of Lotus Seeds on Skin & Hair

Lotus has antioxidant properties, and this helps to prevent bumps as well as skin spots. So let’s dive into this further.

1. Lotus Seeds Meant for Acne
  • First of all, you have to pick up certain lotus seeds, and then you need to roast them in a pan with a small flame.
  • When it cools down, you need to grind it to powder using a grinder.
  • After that, take out one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and lotus seeds and blend them.
  • After that, you can place this in your acne-related zone for almost 7 minutes.
  • Wash all the stuff with normal water at room temperature.
  • Go ahead with these steps for almost a week and check out the difference. You will notice that the acne pimple gets elusive.


lotus seeds on skin


2. Lotus Seeds For Reducing Flaky Skin

These seeds are considered to be one of the major ingredients for treating flaky skin. It comes with skin-friendly properties that accelerate momentary skin hydration. If you are witnessing such dry skin, you can use this for smoother skin. These lotus aids can be a good aid for removing wrinkles as well as dark spots. 

3. Lotus Seeds Act as anti-ageing Properties

It bears anti-ageing properties that mitigate the ageing process, thereby repairing damaged proteins. So, if you use these, it will reverse your aging benefits. This will take place without the use of any anti-ageing creams. Isn’t this worthwhile? There is research going on to find various means to use these in cosmetics and Skincare products. 

Makhana ( derived from the Euryale Ferox plant) is also termed fox nuts and is enriched with antioxidants. Mostly it possesses a mixture of chlorogenic acid, gallic acid, and epicatechin. As per the research, it plays a significant role in regulating various aspects of health. For example, it develops resistance against type 2 diabetes, cancer, and various heart diseases.


lotus seeds on skin


4. Lotus Seeds to Obstruct Skin Inflammation

Are you suffering from glowing skin? The best way is to consume foods enriched with antioxidants. For example, Lotus Seeds are enriched with flavonoids. This natural chemical helps in mitigating the risk and skin inflammation. To accomplish this, you need to perform the below steps. 

  • Mix honey and fox nut powder in 1:1 proportion.
  • Then add that to your skin for 5 minutes.
  • After that, clean the particular portion using cold water.
  • This will eradicate the damaged skin and bring a glowing sensation to your face.
  • You need to perform this act during the daytime. With this, you can decrease your risk of getting skin inflammation. 
5. Lotus Seeds to treat Wrinkles

In this case, a mixture of fox nut and milk is necessary. Only half a glass of milk will suffice. It will take 2-3 hours to get soft. This is mostly because of the sturdiness of the lotus seeds. Then a tablespoon of lemon juice needs to be added. After that, grinding should be done with 2-3 tablespoons of milk. You don’t have to add the entire milk. After that, you need to grind the mixture, and then a thick paste is obtained. Your anti-wrinkle mask is all set for use now. 


lotus seeds on skin


Now, you need to add a thin layer of paste on face wrinkles. Also, apply the same on the neck region exposed to wrinkles and then start a gentle massage with a circular motion. Then place the same on the face, areas of lips, and eye region for about 15 minutes. It will render exfoliation to your skin, keeping it soft and smooth. Always take into consideration that you rub it gently through your skin. Don’t massage with and from motion involving hard pressure. This makes the skin quite red. When you use the mask at night, this will yield better results. It is advisable to use this once a week. This will reduce the aging process and remove all the wrinkles.

6. Lotus Seeds to Accelerate Hair Growth

To revitalize the respiratory system, foxnuts can be used for both hair and skin. Hair is a growing tissue, and it includes various nutrients like vitamin A, C, E, B6, and B12. The best possible means to mitigate hair loss and enhance hair performance is to keep a close observation of your food habits. Foxnut is enriched with various nutrients, including various sources of vitamins B, C, and E, iron, magnesium, calcium, etc.

7. Lotus to Prevent Pre-Mature Graying

You can apply lotus to Reduce Premature Graying of Hair. As per the latest study, Lotus oil helps in the growth of melanin synthesis in hair. The Lotus seeds hold the importance of both lotus flowers and roots. Moreover, seeds are equipped with chemical compounds that are ideal for human health, hair, and skin. Therefore, if you properly use them, it will help Premature Graying.



Some Additional Benefits of Lotus Seeds 

Skin requires special medical attention, and lotus seeds help in providing nutrients to protect your skin.

1. Natural Conditioner

Lotus Seeds works as a perfect conditioner for hair. It is one of the major conditioner products perfect for shiny hair and removes split ends.

2. Revitalize your skin

The enzyme L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase present in the lotus seeds helps in giving your skin a new outlook. It provides a new look by repair crushed proteins that leads to anti-aging.

3. Enhances Skin Elasticity

It comes with a hydrating mechanism that pours in proper moisture to the skin. If you intake lotus seeds regularly, it enhances skin elasticity. As a result, it maintains a fair complexion.


Lotus seeds are one of the finest natural products with the above benefits, but apart from this, you can prepare a mixture of chopped and roasted makhana seeds to form a unique rice pudding and other recipes. It produces a mild fragrance that helps in preparing various recipes. Lotus Seeds have high nutritional values with key components like fibers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.

They come with several advantages for human health, including reducing aging, improving skin elasticity, accelerating hair growth, and many more. Although Makhana is not readily available, you can get most of it on various retail outlets or online platforms.

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