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-Miss It
By Aparajita Ghosh

When a music album draws on the talents of different music composers, you can either expect a rare treat or a pot-pourri of tunes without a common central theme. The latter happens to be the case with the music of ‘Sunday’.

With as many as six music directors, the music of ‘Sunday’ turns out to be a forgettable offering. Of all the tracks, only two manage to make an impact.

A simple but catchy tune on keyboards opens Missing Sunday, a hip-hop number with a groovy beat. Mahua Kamath (former VIVA girl) sings the song with an attitude and carefree abandon that grows on you after repeated hearings. Composed by Sandeep Chowta, this medium-paced song features good musical arrangement and mixing. Singer Suraj accompanies Mahua well on the microphone, while rapper Earl Edgar adds his own punch in between.

The remix version of ‘Missing Sunday’ is a complete letdown, with added beats and a lot of techno garbage.

Pakistani band ‘Suroor’ almost sounds like ‘Strings’ in the romantic song Pyar Toh Hona Hi Hai. Acoustic guitar strumming and jarring notes on violin open this track. Kamran Bari and Mohammed Ali sing the song in soft and mellow voice, with the raga alaaps in the background. The song goes through ups and downs but never leaves an impact.

The remix version of this track has a club feel, with heavy emphasis on beats. If only the lyrics of the original were not that banal, the song might have worked in both the versions. But melody or remixing cannot save a poorly written song.

Loot Liya by Daler Mehendi instantly reminds you of Dil Mein Baji Guitar from ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’. A full-on masti song, sung with gusto by Daler and Sunidhi Chauhan, ‘Loot Liya’ has a very desi flavour with dholkis, dhols and baaja. But despite all the fervour, the song remains a forgettable track.

Kashmakash by Shibani Kashyap begins with the haunting notes of saxophone. This is a situational track with a strong dose of drama. And Kashyap does impress with her vocal dexterity, particularly at the high pitch. After ‘Missing Sunday’, this is the second song in the album that sticks in your mind.

But the respite is short-lived. The album touches a new low with Manzar by Suraj, Mahua and Earl Edgar. A dance track crammed with loud musical noises, ‘Manzar’ is a lame and senseless attempt at provoking you to hit the dance floor.

Amar Mohile’s ‘Sunday Theme’, rendered by Joy and Clint, is soft, lilting and romantic.

All in all, the music of ‘Sunday’ has nothing to catch your fancy. This ‘Sunday’ better be missed.

Rating: **
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