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Album Review
Monotonously Himesh
By Usha Lakra

Himesh Reshammiya’s latest offering ‘Karzzzz’ marks the comeback of Himesh Bhai after his superhit film ‘Aap Ka Suroor’. His compositions in this album are such that either you will hate him or love him. But you won’t be able to ignore him. This album features all together 19 songs for his lovers.

‘Karzzzz’ has lyrics by Sameer while music director is Himesh himself. The album sees Himesh at his best with same kind of music to offer— typical self-indulging tracks, nasal singing and heavy beats almost common in all the tracks.

The first song in the album ‘Lut Jaon Lut Jaon’ starts with a typical prelude by Himesh before new singer Harshdeep Kaur takes over. After listening to Harshdeep, you can recollect the song “Aao Huzoor” from ‘Karunesh’. “Lut Jaon…” is one of the best in the album. The lounge remix has that foreboding effect as this is supposed to be the Title track.

The second song is Himesh’s take on the famous number “Om Shanti Om”. He replaces the immortal words “Tumne kabhi kisi se pyar kiya” with “Yeh mohabbat bhi kya cheez hai”. The song, ‘Hari Om Hari’ is again very rhythmic with fast beats. In this song what is most impressive is the use of Indian instruments like dhol and ghanti. The song is again typical, nothing much to say about it.

The next track ‘Tandoori Nights’, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan , is a mix of Punjabi, hip-hop and trance music. The song features Urmila, so I guess that is the only oomph factor, otherwise nothing is outstanding about this number. Its remix version is high on spunk factor which can make you shake ya leg.

The album then veers into Punjabi mood with ‘Soniye Je Tere’. The song starts with rap then its high energetic beat will stir your minds, with a very impressive use of Harmonium. Himesh has sung the track passionately, making most out of it. Tulsi Kumar get a few lines, where she excelled in her rendition. But the crux is that according to sources this track is a complete lift from a Punjabi song by Kalwinder Kally.

Before going to next track, check out these wonderful lyrics:
Tumse milna, Jiya dolna, Tumse milna, Jiya dolna
tere bin bole sab bolna, meri aashiqui ke bhed kholna,
Fursat ke pal me doobna, Apne hi dil se joojhna
Laagi kyun ye laagi lagan, apni hi lagan se poochna

Now, coming to this song. It’s one of the best among the whole lot. You may even think this is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. But we can’t swab the fact that Himesh is at his best singing Sufi numbers where his nasal singing suits. This track has enthralling lyrics by Sameer. The poignant lines will take you to another world. The song is a lovely composition with the use of all Indian instruments with almost zilch western touch. You can repeatedly listen to this song.

‘Sisak Sisak Ke’ is another song with same electronic beats, fusing Bollywod music of 80’s with today. And a touch of Rajasthani folk is prevalent in the song. It is a plain disco number.

Next is the song ‘Tere Bina Chain Na Ave’, sung by Himesh again, and Tulsi Kumar. It’s a slow number on the lines of Ghazal with a similar starting like most of Himesh’s numbers. Music is very Indian with good arrangements. But Himesh’s wolfish crooning “oooooooo…..” reduces the charm of the song.

‘Mashah Allah’ is sung by Himesh. Here he experiments with his voice modulation and sings passionately. You can feel that kashish in his voice. Lyrics are apt for this kind of song.

At last comes the song ‘Ek Hasina Thi’. Himesh as vocalist is okay in this song – stepping into the shoes of legendary Kishore Da is not a cakewalk. Shreya Ghosal has few lines, delivered with fervor. The song’s lyrics are ditto like the original, with special musical arrangements, ignoring the use of guitar as in the original version. But, he shouldn’t have started the song in his own voice. Can’t Himesh get a dubbing artist for himself?

The other CD (complementary one) contains mainly club and lounge remixes. Some of the remixes are good, like that of ‘Hari Om’. The tracks like ‘Dhoom tere ishq ki’ and ‘Tere Bin chain na aave’ are best in original.

The whole album is typically stamped with Himesh’s mark. ‘Dhoom tere ishq ki’ and ‘Lut jaon’ are the best. The songs are instant hit among Himesh fans. To conclude, the album is a bit monotonous with same kind of music splashed all over the album.

Rating: **1/2
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