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Puru Rajkumar: Scaling new heights
21st May 2001   16.30 IST
By N K Deoshi  

After a poor start in the tinsel town Puru Rajkumar, the struggling starson of Jaani Rajkumar is leaving no stone unturned to get his sagging career back on the track.

While shooting for one of his forthcoming films "Bharat Bhagya Vidhata" the young lad achieved a remarkable feat when he climbed a 400 feet mountain for a good shot. In the film Puru plays a commando on the trail for the dreaded terrorist (played by Chandrachud Singh) who kidnapped the Home Minister's wife.

People present at the spot (in Panchgani a few kilometers from Mahabaleshwar) say that while Puru had the choice of either para-dropped to the summit or take a safer route the starson insisted on taking the dangerous and less-trodden route. So he climbed his way to the roof top instead while the camera was on roll.

The entire unit was so impressed with Puru's act that they named the location after him as "The Puru Point".