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Vivek plays a real hero on the road!
19th Oct 2002   20.22 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

It was like a scene from some movie when the 'Road' boy Vivek Oberoi showed true heroism and saved the life of the driver of a taxi that was crushed by a lorry in New Delhi.

It was just another night for Vivek and his friends - Shaad Ali (who is also directing his Saathiya) and Sameer - until the trio took a turn past Hotel Le Meridien in their Ford Ikon. At a distance the three saw a Tata lorry ram into a Maruti van.

The collision was so strong that the driver of the van Paras Ram got stuck in the crushed front portion of his Maruti van.

To the bleeding driver's horror, the driver of the lorry and the two passengers in his van fled the scene, leaving him in lurch. It was then apna Vivek jumped out of his car to rescue the severely wounded driver.

And what Vivek did was nothing short of heroism. First he tried to pull open the door of the van, but only in vain as the door was badly jammed. Then, like a reel hero, Vivek smashed the glass window with his fist to reach the driver who was by now unconscious.

Finally, the actor and his friends managed to get Paras Ram out of the badly rammed vehicle.

After Vivek was sure that the 52-year-old driver of the van would be taken care of by the police, he made a swift departure from the spot without taking any credit for saving the man's life.

Now that's what we call a Good Samaritan in the real life and not just on the reel!


Vivek Oberoi