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Kissa ek garam Kiss ka!
31st Aug 2003   13.01 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

Madhu Sapre and Jackie Shroff have shared a passionate and hot smooch in Kaizad Gustad's 'Boom'.

Of late, Bollywood stars and filmmakers seem to have become bolder. We saw newcomer Mallika Sherawat giving 17 steamy smooches in the movie Khwahish recently.

And now Jackie and Madhu are in the spotlight for what is being dubbed as the longest kiss in any Hindi film. While their garam kiss is likely to raise some brows, Jackie and Madhu are cool about it.

Its not that Madhu and Jackie were not aware that they were doing something unprecedented in Hindi cinema while shooting the scene, but "professionalism took the first seat," according to Madhu.

"Jackie is a gentleman and a good actor on the top of it. I felt quite comfortable while shooting the kissing scene with him," Madhu is quoted to have said.


Madhu Sapre

Jackie Shroff