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Bhumika blushed when Abhishek said 'I Love You'
16th May 2004   22.03 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

During the shooting of Run there was a scene in which Abhishek Bachchan accepts his love for Bhumika before camera. The actress was supposed to reciprocate, but she only blushed.

It cannot be denied that the setting where the scene was being shot was quite romantic. Standing before Taj Mahal, the very monument of love, any mortal being could falter. And Bhumika is just a newcomer enacting lovey-dovey roles before camera.

So what happened was that there was a scene before Taj Mahal in which Abhishek confesses his love for Bhumika and says 'I Love You'. According to the script, Bhumika was supposed to reciprocate to Abhishek's proposal. But to the surprise of everyone, the actress just blushed and asked for retakes.

Bhumika recalls the incident: "I sometimes get a bit embarrassed when I have to shoot for romantic scenes. When Abhishek came and said 'I Love You', I don't know what happened but suddenly I felt very shy and had to ask for retake."

After the incident Bhumika was a little embarrassed and Abhishek kept on teasing her for that for many days.


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