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With Bhumika in his arms, Abhishek forgot his dialogues
18th May 2004   21.23 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

With newcomer Bhumika Chawla tightly clutched in his arms, Abhishek Bachchan kept forgetting his dialogues while shooting a scene for recently released Run .

The chemistry between Abhishek and Bhumika during the making of 'Run' was just like that of two people slowly falling in love while working together on a common project. We have already reported of the incident when Bhumika blushed when Abhishek said to her 'I Love You' before camera.

Now another such incident has come to fore, but the proverbial Freudian slip has been committed this time not by Bhumika, but by Abhishek.

What happened was that a romantic scene was being shot in which Abhishek was supposed to take Bhumika in his arms, twirl her around and then say his dialogues. But with Bhumika close and tight in his arms, Abhishek kept on forgetting his dialogues. The embarrassment for the actor was apparent when as many as seven shots were retaken just to get the scene right.

And when the right shot came, it was only after Bhumika slightly whispered the right dialogues in Abhishek's ears.

This particular shot was later deleted from the film's final pilot at the editing table because of Abhi's discomfiture in it.