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Rushdie’s banter: ‘I’m Padma’s sidekick’
13th Jan 2004   18.05 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau  

Renowned author Salman Rushdie is in India nowadays. He has been visiting a number of places along with model-turned-actress Padma Lakshmi .

Rushdie and Padma went on a nostalgic trip in the south of Mumbai where he spent his younger days. There they visited the famous Boot house and the Kamla Nehru Memorial among other places.

While Rushdie said he was moved by the hospitality he received by the locals, he also remarked that people were able to recognize Padma (who became known with ‘ Boom ’) more easily than ‘the bearded man’ with her.

“Oh!… I’m her sidekick. So many people know her while hardly anyone seems to recognize me,” the Booker Prize winning author said in a jocular vein.

Rushdie also added that he was not really bothered by the groups that are protesting his presence in the country.

He said he was happy that he and Padma have been able to travel so far without any problems – ‘just like two ordinary people’. And he plans to continue his tour. But the publicity-shy author does hope that media too should not give him much attention as he treasures his privacy very much.

About his next book, Rushdie says that he has been writing it for about one-and-a-half years and it will further take him another year to finish it.


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