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Ila Arun moves to UP folk
26th Jan 2001   22.12 IST
By N K Deoshi  

Having made Rajasthani folk popular through out the length and breadth of the nation Ila Arun has now the plans to popularize folk songs of Uttar Pradesh by bringing out an album soon.

Ila imbibed the folk traditions of UP during her growing up years in the state. Still afresh in her memory are many an evening she spent listening to the local musicians' heart-felt rendition of UP's folk music. Ila strongly feels that UP's folk music has not been given proper exposure. Now, that she is firmly poised as a known artist, its time that she pay her dues towards UP folk.

In particular, it is the Awadhi folk songs that intrigue Ila and she wants to incorporate those numbers in her next album. "My sentimental attachment to the home state of UP has spurred me to do something tangible for the promotion of its folk songs, the Awadhi style to be precise," says the husky-voiced singer.

But what if Ila's new musical ambitions find no takers?

Ila reveals that she is ready for any eventuality. Undaunted as she is by nature she will come out with an album of her own. Convinced of the immense potential such songs would have not only in UP but throughout India, Ila is confident of hitting it big with her newfound obsession.